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This week I thought I would share with you, my reader, why and how I, Nick Bautista, got to this point. Just a heads up, this is more of a personal post. So if you feel you don’t want to read about my personal background, feel free to skip ahead.

Some of you may know the story behind what I do, or you may not. I thought I would share with you more of the personal reason of why I love helping everyone with their finances.

First the boring side of my story:

I have been in the financial industry since 2012 working under Mark Phillips as a mentee. With plenty of support around me, I was able to transition to become a fee-based financial advisor of Mark Phillips & Associates, a wealth management firm. We help those that come to us, by offering comprehensive financial planning.

I’m also currently studying for the CFP® exam, the CFP® designation is an industry standard designation and a big deal for people who know understand what it stands for.

Ok, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, the fun side of my story:

I credit my parents as well as my two jobs I had out of college that lead me down the path to financial planning.

My first experience in the financial services industry was working as an insurance agent for an insurance company. It was a job selling their specific products (a real sales mentality environment) and trying to make those products fit each client’s situation. I quickly realized I couldn’t offer what my clients truly needed, and became uncomfortable trying to me a salesman. What I really wanted to do was build relationships and help people make a financial plan, not sell them insurance products only. But, since I was so burned out of that industry, I joined up with my second job out of college.

Before working personally with clients, I was Director of Marketing forDebtproofliving.com when I got out of Biola University. Mary Hunt, author of DPL and my boss, showed me the importance of living below your means and how to have the right financial mindset. (I’m forever grateful for what I learned from her!) I got to hear from subscribers, to the website, firsthand on how they struggled to make the right financial decisions early on in their careers, and through the website they were able to find tools to get back on track. I used the knowledge I gained from working at DPL to make better financial decisions myself, as I started to take control of my money. I knew from then on I wanted to help develop deeper relationships with clients so I could see what impact it had in people’s lives.

Thus, the transition. I knew I wanted to work for an independent financial planning firm, who could offer meaningful help, without being forced to sell anything other than my help. Now, I get to see firsthand clients reaching goals, and making better financial decisions. It’s safe to say I love what I do!

I couldn’t stop there. I wanted to reach more people, so I set up Bare Finance. A website and blog with a goal to help people simplify their finances. It’s a place where I can share my thoughts and ideas on a broader scale.

From my experience, I believe that finances get way too complicated, no matter your age or background. So I am set out to change that. Financial planning is the process of setting up a plan that can be followed. Too many times agents, advisors and bankers use terms that the average person cannot understand. Using technical terms doesn’t make them sound smarter, instead they just confuse people. I am like you, learning from my financial hardships and mistakes, but I want to be able to talk freely and openly about my situation, without feeling intimidated to ask questions.

So here we are. That’s how I got to this point. I’m so thankful and glad that you gave me a chance to help you learn more about finances.

I hope you will continue to join me on through my website and newsletter.

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