Why Don’t You Automate Your Life?

Automate your life
Why do we make life so hard on ourselves? With technology our lives should almost be stress free, yet we force our brains to remember every possible detail of our lives. It’s no wonder we forget about all those one-time expenses until they come up at the same time for the following year. Not only do we forget these expenses, it’s like we have a spot in our brain that we block them out.

For me, an expense I recently block out was the personal property tax. Since I am relatively new to Virginia I wasn’t aware of these new taxes. Even though I had paid them already just 6 months prior. Yet, when the bill came in the mail that I owed the state for something I outright own, I immediately became annoyed. (Where do they get the value of my car to assess the tax? I still don’t know; side note) I was frustrated for this unexpected tax bill and the time I would spend writing a check and mailing it back, when I thought; Why didn’t I create a reminder for this?

Technology is a wonderful thing, we can all agree to that. With Siri and other reminding apps making our once burdensome lives easy to remember, this bill in particular could easily have been made as a reminder to save for this upcoming expense. It’s not like the state ever forgets! Yet, somehow in my anger I forget to set the reminder for the next 6 months to save for this bill. It doesn’t even have to be payments it can be anything. Forgetting something at the store or someone’s birthday. Reminders are an excellent tool on our phones which we never leave the house without.

I have since updated my calendar, so I know to save for this once unexpected expense and not forget any special days. It got me thinking what about the other things in my life that needs to be set up with reminders? I have always been the type to think about how I can work smarter or better yet, simplify my life.

Most of my bills are automatically scheduled, but what about my savings? Those too are set up automatically, so it got me thinking further. What about gifts and reminders to get flowers or cards for loved ones? How often do I write check? I could set up all those payments to be sent through my bank using their system.

In the busy lives we all have, its good to be reminded that you can stop killing yourself slowly. Find and set up automation in your life, to make it easy and stress free! Here is my ongoing list so far …

  • ‡       Mortgage/Rent
  • ‡       Utilities
  • ‡       Property taxes
  • ‡       Personal Property Taxes
  • ‡       Paying off Student Loans
  • ‡       Auto Insurance
  • ‡       Paying off your credit cards
  • ‡       Savings
  • ‡       Birthday cards/gifts/flowers
  • ‡       Holiday, Mother’s day
  • ‡       Passwords


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