Who Has Your Best Interest At Heart?


If there is one thing I really can’t stand it’s bad service. More specifically I despise bad property managers. In the wake of trying to rent out our Virginia house as we get set to move, one thing has become clear to me, there are a lot of really bad property managers. Not only do I feel sorry for those having to rent from these people, but where does an owner look to find a one that looks out for the owner’s interest. As I tread down this path carefully I am stunned at how little and how poor service can be. No phone calls back, if there is a call back it is short with not connection, lousy contracts and the list goes on. Have my expectations become too high?

I know this doesn’t just apply to property managers, but in fact every area of life. When you stop to think about it, how often are you in touch with your financial advisor, or life insurance agent? Are they calling you yearly, quarterly, monthly even? Are they fast to return your call or email? Do they care for your needs?

It’s a time were the norm is if we can tolerate the service then it was great! What kind of business thinks it is okay to not follow up with you, or kindly answer your questions over the phone. In fact what company questions you when you write down the responses given?

Financially, you should be working with someone who cares about everything in your life, you can’t live without them. If you currently don’t work with someone why not? We each carry our own biased into a relationship, or even just on our own, but how much nicer would it be to have an unbiased third party perspective. This should come from someone you know is an expert and has your best interest at heart.

I see tons of people in my profession give the illusion of being in your best interest.

Here is how to spot the bad ones:

Life Insurance Seller

They try to sell you life insurance. Either whole life insurance, variable, or universal. There main reason for this is to make a quick commission. These are the same people that call you once a year to see if you need more coverage, even though they say it is a review call…

Annuity Salesman

They want to put you into an annuity. Any problem you have can be solved with this product to these guys. They may not even describe it as such, but some of the most handsome commissions come from selling an annuity. Look at any of your financial statements. If it says something about cash surrender or income base, you were most likely sold an annuity. I have seen this before, as clients don’t understand they were sold an annuity.

Investment Guy

They tout their investment performance. Firstly this is not legal. The regulations around performance are very strict so if someone is really trying to sell you on their investment performance then you may want to run. Secondly, investing is risky and if they aren’t explaining the risk properly to you, this isn’t the guy for you.

Egotistic Advisor

They come off as being full of themselves. The best way to tell if someone is really listening is if they ask a follow up question. If not, they don’t really care and only have their own motive at heart. This doesn’t just apply to salesman, but life in general. We all have friends who love to talk about themselves. Think about this point and be yourself, a good listener!

If you are experiencing bad service why not try something or someone new?


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