Where Do You Look For Motivation?


I have been struggling with this lately.

When I set out to write a blog it was to help people simplify their finances. To find motivation to continue writing becomes hard, if not daunting when you have no readers.

Like most things in life we start off with excitement and enthusiasm. Over time that gently fades, whether it’s a new hobby or job, we tend to lose our motivation. Saving for a house or paying down debt comes only with sacrifice.

How do you motivate yourself?

Do stories or talking to  like-minded people help to motivate you?

I want to reach my goals, my ambitions, yet I get stuck. Not knowing where to go or who to turn to. I’ve realized we can only push ourselves so far. I talk to people who want to save for a house. It could take them two years to save for a house, but they realize after six months that they can’t find the motivation to keep saving for the two years necessary. Instead, they don’t buy a house or worse yet they buy a house with a meager down payment.

Somewhere along the way they lost motivation. It’s clear to me, I can search back on my blog post and see how frequently I posted, how I lost motivation on certain weeks.

I encourage you to find someone to push you. Finances are no different. How do you reach your goals without financial motivation?

The other day is a perfect example. I took my dog, Zeke for a run. There were times he wanted to stop and take a break, yet I pushed him further, to continue  to what we started. He reluctantly continued with me. There were also times when I found myself lagging, only to realize Zeke was running ahead pushing me to continue on.

Just like that, we each had motivated each other.

Where or who is your financial motivation today?

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