What It’s Like To Be Married To A Financial Nerd

Guest Post from My Wife, Lauren

Tight budget

When I tell people about my husband’s occupation, I usually get a dull reaction, like “oh.” And then a follow up response from them accusing him of controlling my spending.  However, none of this is true! The fact is, there are some amazing benefits to being married to someone who works with finances, but there are also some downsides.  The benefits completely outweigh the cons.


    • I understand the necessity for a budget that is appropriate for our life style.  Everyone has a different view on what’s important to spend money on.  My husband and I collaborate on our budget and discuss what we need to save for and what we prefer to spend money on.  We love going out to new restaurants, so that is an important budget for us!
    • Financial security.  I have always felt very secure about my financial state.  Because of my husbands budgeting skills, I have never worried about not having money to pay bills or even pay for an emergency car repair or vet bill.
    • When I decide to go shopping, I know how much is set a side each month for my personal expenses.  I can choose to spend my monthly budget on clothes, coffee, etc. I can also choose to save it for those amazing boots I have been eyeing.
    • Our financial future has been discussed and thought through. We discuss everything we want to do, whether it be buy a house, a car, or what are our plans when we retire. Each goal provides a step in our savings plan and we formulate how we are going to accomplish those goals.
    • I have learned to be satisfied with what I have now.  Its not always easy to be happy with what you have, but when I take a step back and remember all the things were saving for, such as the awesome vacation or new car, its easier to be satisfied with what we have.  I try not to get caught up in other people’s doings.


  • Spreadsheets!! I don’t understand them. I actually hate them, but my husband loves them.  They are actually a great resource to keep track of your expenses if you know how to use them, but they drive me crazy.
  • Not being able to go on the frivolous shopping sprees.  Technically, I could go.  However, I know the consequences and the spree isn’t going to make me happy in the long run.
  • Sometimes its annoying how much thought and research goes into a little purchase.  But sometimes that thought and research is a totally blessing.

Overall, Being married to someone who works with finances is nowhere near boring or controlling.  I am provided a sense of freedom from the struggles of financial stress.  I have learned the importance of saving and planning for the future.  Even though he nerds out over a spreadsheet, I love being married to a financial nerd!

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