Value Your Time To Be Rich


How many times has this happened to you … You are setting the table for dinner, the family just sat down and you begin to serve the meal, when all of sudden you hear a knock at the door. Frustrated and annoyed you get up and answer the door, only to find it is a salesman. He starts off trying to be your friend, complimenting you about your house, or your clothes, then he tries to start asking you questions relating to the products he is selling. Suddenly you become the bad guy for not being courteous enough to end the conversation. Mainly because he is trained to accept 2-3 objections and has already predetermined how to handle those. So like most people you stand there and say your not interested and after 5 minutes you get him off your doorstep and out of your life.

How does this happen? The wasting of your precious time.

It’s not just salesmen, its pointless meetings and interruptions that take over your time everyday.

Why do we feel such a moral obligation to be courteous to people taking up our time? I was thinking about this after I had given the recent door salesman less than a minute of my time.

I wrote last week about the spending tool and how everyone should use it. I pointed out that no matter how much money you make you should use the tool. But do you want to know what else separates wealthy people from those who aren’t? They value their time. I’m not just talking about shutting the door on a salesman, I’m talking about the wealthy don’t have time to waste, because they understand time is valuable.

Time is the one thing you cannot buy more of. Think about it. What do we all have in common? We know we will eventually die. (Sorry for being morbid) But, why do we waste our time listening to salesmen we will never buy from, or sit on hold via phone with a representative when we can just email someone to call us back?

Time should be spent on things that matter. Things like giving back, time with kids or grandkids. Time accomplishing goals you set. Maybe it’s just relaxing alone or recharging yourself, but your time is valuable. Focusing on things that matter in your life and tuning out the distractions. Wealthy people don’t have time to listen to a salesman. They know if they need something they could call ___ who will help them when they need.

How many of these services are you doing yourself?

  • Car wash
  • Oil changes
  • Lawn care
  • Financial services
  • Tax preparation
  • Etc.

How much is your time worth to pay for the above?

I hope you continue to do the things that matter in your life, and you can start to block out or get help on the things that don’t.

All this time wasting has real consequences. It takes away the things you love, cherish and want to be doing.

With limited time on this earth where are you wasting your time? Where could your time be better served? Are there services you could pay for to save you time? Are those services worth it?

Think about it the next time you feel someone is wasting your time. Don’t be afraid to be honest!

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