The Greatest Pet Bed Ever

canopy bed

Sitting in a plane on my way to Boston last week I was looking to pass the time. Luckily for me there in front of me conveniently was the Sky Mall magazine. You know the magazine, the one filled with so many ridiculous items yet practical enough to consider buying. Naturally, I started to flip through the magazine.

The first item I noticed was a dog bed with an attached canopy. I have a Siberian Husky and he gets hot sitting outside in the sun. I was thinking how this bed could be the perfect solution. It came in puppy paw print design and it showed the most adorable puppy laying down on it, so you got an idea how comfortable it was. I thought what else can I find in this now useful magazine.

I kept flipping through the magazine and next came the repelling rope. It was a device for those that work in a high rise office building. What you do is use this repelling rope to bust out of your 30 story building to escape in case of emergency, only $150 for that, worth every penny. I could only imagine trying to risk repelling down a 30 foot building for the first time, in an emergency, but if that sounds good that would be just the thing for you.

Next came the pool section. There was a pool seat, a simple piece of fabric that makes sitting on the pool side a little bit more comfortable. That’s not all, there are rolling storage carts so that your pool area can be clean and more space efficient, who doesn’t need rolling storage carts? There were so many other pointless items I began to wonder how Sky Mall even stays in business, surely no one buys this stuff right?

At that moment my wife turned to me and asked if I had seen the dog canopy bed.

I realized that it wasn’t just me who got excited about flipping through Sky Mall but everyone who sits on a plane. Millions of people a day. Which means millions of people experience that same feeling I had of I got to have it now.

Once I got off the plan I started researching canopy beds for dogs, because this was only the real practical thing I could use. My results all ended with the same conclusion. The canopy bed was not as great as advertised and all the reviews proved this. It was hard for me to take.

If you are anything like me you enjoy getting packages. It is the same feeling of having it now, except it helps prolong the feeling. It doesn’t matter who it is from. If the IRS sent me a package of tax publications I would be a little excited to open that package. But, do you ever realize that the high of waiting and opening that package goes away the instant you open the package? There doesn’t seem to be any way to replicate the feeling until you order something else, as the cycle continues. Do I really need a canopy bed for my dog?

We often realize the things we so desperately need in stuff, can never fulfill that void inside us.

So, what useless things are you getting sold on? Is it the high you are looking for, or is it something you truly need? I was reminded of what was important to me and the difference between a want and a need.


Zeke  By the way, I didn’t order the dog canopy bed. My dog loves the ground a lot better!

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