The Easiest Way To Save Money When You Are A Spender


A couple of weeks ago I was out on the trail for a little jog. Being that I like to keep in shape and it was cooling down I thought it was a great time to go for my daily run. I was going up the normal trail like I always do, when I got to the bend in the trail as another runner was coming down a tiny hill. All of a sudden he stopped. Thinking it was weird but nothing else, I kept on running up the trail towards him. It wasn’t until I got level with him did he say “wow, you are brave you just don’t even care there is a rattlesnake right there” as I glance out of my peripherals and see what has to be a 5 foot snake.

That was probably one of my faster runs, from then on.

Besides being a manly story, I realized I had gotten into a routine.  I was so tuned out to what was going on that I never saw that snake until I looked back after the other runner told me. I was practicing the same habit of running the same route, never thinking about it just doing it. It had become so automatic, someone had to literally tell me to stop and take notice of what I had just ran past.

So how does this relate to saving?

Well, the easiest way to save is to run the same path everyday. It means setting a specific amount aside for retirement, your emergency fund, your next vacation, your ____. It means setting up a system that you can set and forget until someone tells you wow, look at how much you saved!

Set Up A System

Saving can be hard, the easiest way to save is a little thing called, auto contribution, or reoccurring transaction. Whatever your bank or work calls it. You see, there is a funny thing that happens every month. Somehow someway, we tend to spend away the income that we made for the month. But, what magically happens when you set up an automated system is you save money!

Being that I have recently been converted into a spender I can attest to this idea. I kept spending every penny I made, until I set up an auto draft. Being that I like things simple I set up an auto draft from my checking account to my savings account. Not only do I save now, but I haven’t even noticed a difference in my spending. How does this happen?

I really don’t know, other than it actually works. This simple little trick can help you save.

The challenge this week is this. Can you set aside $25 in a savings account, IRA, or 401k?

All it takes is something small to get you started on your way to build wealth. Just take the first step and do it!

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