Take Financial Responsibility Of Your Life


Taking financial responsibility will mean different things for different people. So what does it mean to you?

If you haven’t heard, Greece has finally, maybe set a deal. Greece has been for the last couple months on the brink of defaulting on it’s debt obligation. Meaning, that they weren’t going to pay back the people who loaned them money, though they agreed to pay them back, mainly the other European nations. Only until yesterday did their leader Alexis Tsipras decide to take responsibility and make a deal to cut certain entitlements for Greeks. Long after there should have been an agreement.

This relates directly to us as adults. Suddenly, we are responsible for our finances. We may not have training or the knowledge but none of that matters, because we have to act and make decisions.

How many times have you thought about saving more or spending less? How often do you not take responsibility of grabbing hold of your budget and making the tough choices. Even as a leader of your household or budget, knowing that a hard financial decision won’t be popular, but making it anyway is truly taking responsibility. We can’t expect to have it all figured out. But since it falls to us to take care of our financial life we need to make sure we take the right steps.

Getting help

Sometimes financial responsibility means getting help. When we try to take on all the burdens we freeze up and can become paralyzed. For example, if I’m going to try to make a repair on my house I’m going to talk to an expert, I’m going to get help. If I don’t get help, then nothing happens but I shouldn’t expect my circumstances to change.

Don’t make excuses

No one likes to be wrong, but the worst ways to be wrong is to make an excuse. Being human means admitting you can be wrong. If you aren’t saving enough for retirement, if you aren’t getting insurance protection, block out the excuses in your head and start taking responsibility. No one likes giving up enjoyment of their money now to put it away for the future, the future may not even come! But that statement in itself is an excuse, because what happens if the future does come?

Find out where your weaknesses are

We can’t be experts at everything. Responsibility comes at finding and getting help. Knowing your weaknesses whether being spending on frivolous things or not taking the time to envision your financial life, you need to identify your weak spots.

Where are you today? How can you start taking responsibility and making that hard decision?

Most of the Greeks aren’t happy that their potential entitlements will be cut, but there comes a point when enough is enough. Start taking financial responsibility and stop making so many financial excuses!

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