Since When Does Christmas Come Before Thanksgiving?

Where is everyone?As I walked through stores this past weekend, I realized that as a country we have completely forgotten about Thanksgiving. No longer do we think about turkey or giving thanks, instead we worry about where to find the best deals to get our shopping done early for Christmas. Not only do we buy gifts for others they probably don’t need, but we string up Christmas lights and decorations by the second week in November. So what gives?

When as Americans did we get so caught up with the next best thing that we can’t stop for one minute to give thanks for the things we already have. I thought we valued humility and working hard for success yet we don’t give thanks when we achieve those things. Instead, we bypass those values to give the most awesome gift ever. Do you even remember the gift you were given last year or better yet the year before? How meaningful was that gift as opposed to spending time with the person who gave it to you?

But forget all that we need those deals!!

I was always taught to be thankful for the things I have, because you never know when you might not have those things again, so I’ll make it simple:

Do you have shelter?

Do you have food?

Do you have a job?

If you answered yes to any of the above you have plenty to be thankful for.

Let’s not forget Thanksgiving, instead let’s embrace those things we often forget that are provided to us daily, which is the friends and family who support us.

Happy Thanksgiving!

PS. I love Christmas

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