If You Don’t Have Life Insurance You’re Being Selfish

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I like to tell clients that hopefully you will never use life insurance. After all that’s what insurance is, something we have “just in case.”

It’s never a fun conversation to have with a client, discussing life insurance. There are other things I prefer, but it is a vital part of any financial plan. I was painfully reminded why life insurance is still needed and very important.

Most people will agree that nothing is more real and convincing than going through an experience yourself. To experience the loss of a loved one is no exception. The following is a real story:

There my client was off on a fun vacation with his family, we will call him Jon. We had just months prior discussed his goals and dreams about how he wanted his life to look. You could feel the emotion in his voice about how excited he was to finally be taking a trip. He had been working nonstop building his own business these past couple years and had been thinking really hard about what that meant for his family life, which up till then was non-existent.

He wanted to spend time with his kids. He and his family were going to Costa Rica to spend an entire month exploring what the country had to offer. They were halfway through their trip as they had just been in the jungle and were headed to the coast. It was there that they decided to go swimming at the local beach. As they were swimming they suddenly realized there was a very strong riptide. A fun swim quickly turned into a swim for survival. Jon’s son was out in the deeper water swimming with him when suddenly they both felt it. The riptide was increasingly tough as they fought to get to shore. It was so strong that not everyone made it to shore safely. In a heroic effort Jon’s son had been rescued by the local surfers, but Jon, was not. He drowned that day, leaving behind his wife and three young kids.

I remember thinking that story was not real, that Jon was somehow okay and I would get to hear from him again. I wish this story was made up.

Although life insurance is no consolation in anyway, I’m thankful Jon took the time to get life insurance before he went to Costa Rica. No one could imagine this while planning a vacation, but his wife will have at least one less question of how to move forward with her life thanks to his selflessness.

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  1. says

    I worked in the mortuary business for many years (my husband is still a mortician), and I’ve seen what not having life insurance can do to a young family. There is simply no excuse not to at least try to have an inexpensive term policy.

    • nbautista says

      Wow, then you definitely see it more often than I do. Such a terrible feeling being powerless to help someone in need.