How Turbulence Taught Me About Getting Help


While on the plane home from California I was struck with a thought. If you love to travel you are unique. I love vacation and I love getting away, but traveling is really not fun. Long plane flights, overpriced and terrible airport food make for a long day.

My wife and I were on the plane home from California and we started to feel it, the turbulence. I fly maybe once or twice a year so the first bit of turbulence always gets me queasy until it stops. This particular plane ride we were on pace to have a couple hours worth of turbulence from what the pilot told us. It wasn’t the up and down turbulence, just a good bit of bumps.

I immediately began getting all those bad thoughts. You know, about the plane having issues or what was going to happen. I was unsure of the future. We all know the feeling, stuck in your own thoughts not being able to see or know how things are going to end up. I kept trying to tell myself it would all be okay, but that wasn’t really helping. It makes it harder when you can’t look out the window or see what’s coming in front of you.

That’s when the pilot come on to make an announcement. That’s when the worst thoughts come into your head. Luckily though, he said he was doing his best to get us to a smoother altitude and not to worry as the turbulence did not affect the plane, it was completely normal. Within seconds I was calm. It’s not that I thought the plane was going down, I knew turbulence was no big deal, but I needed the reminder. Someone I trust with background training and expertise to tell me, “hey this is not a big deal, I will get you through this.” The pilot saw were we were going and what that looked like, a clear view of what was to come.

I was reminded that what I do for a living has the same effect. I see the greater part of the US population trying to do things on their own, struggling and worrying to have peace of mind, clamoring to do things their own way. Why not get help? Even if you know things will work out like they always do, why not get that confirmation?

To me it was simple. All it took was a short phrase from the pilot. The turbulence didn’t stop, but the pilot was there to remind us each time that it was okay. Just knowing that helped put my mind at ease and I was able to focus on other things. I’m betting that this could relate to getting help on different things throughout your life, don’t you?

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