Learn To Be Content


As I continue what seems like my series on feel good post, I was reminded of one notion, being content.  In America we live in the land of consumerism. With Apple Watches and the latest everything, the motto of our country should be, “to find and consume whatever brings us happiness, good or bad.”

The other day a client called me to update me on how she was doing, as she does every six months. This was a client who had moved out of California, the land of beautiful weather and expensive taste. She had decided to move to the south. Now, before you go judging or thinking you could never do it, keep in mind she had lived in California all her life and thought she would never move.

When she called I could hear the happiness in her voice, not to mention the birds in the background because she was calling me from her porch. She was able to afford a nice house with over an acre and she was able to support her son as she was a single mom. Everyday to her was amazing, both a great outlook on life and the outcome of her situation. I wish everyone could hear her voice. She was so ecstatic, saying how she could not imagine a better life than what she had. I was glad, as she had and saved very little.

 I started to imagine my own life, could I give up certain things, or go live outside of California or even the US? This country drives us to want more and when we aren’t satisfied to keep searching for it. The bigger house the newest car and the best of everything.  It was extremely humbling to hear from someone who was so content with so little.

Of course, I thought to myself, I could never be like that, content with such a small house in the south? But would I be content in the biggest house in Newport Beach? Maybe for about 6 months until I realize I need more.

Money can’t buy you happiness we all know that. You can’t surround yourself with things as you will never be satisfied. We strive our entire lives to save to work hard and get what we think is success. Where do all those things leave you? Being content in America is extremely hard. 

So what does this mean? It means you should rethink your financial plan. Could you retire earlier by moving? Could you spend more in retirement by living on less now? Where in your life are you not content? Why do you think that is the case?
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