How Myspace’s Tom Anderson Taught Me To Invest In Myself


Have you heard of the website Myspace? Of course you have. The first social network that ever took off right around the early 2000s and seemed to last forever. That myspace. Well it’s not hard to believe but after the founder, Tom Anderson (yes your first friend) sold his company to News Corp for some $538 million (he did stay on as an advisor and has since quit) he decided he still needed to fill his time. After all, he didn’t want to just be known for Myspace.

So what is Tom Anderson doing now? Well, being ridiculously good at shooting landscape photography.

Have you ever heard of the saying “you are only good as your last game?” Meaning that if you have ever played any sports or been part of any organized team, you cannot rest on the laurels of your latest victory. You cannot stop and admire what you have done in the past because it is already behind you. Instead, you need to push forward keep practicing and become better. I couldn’t think of a better example than Tom. Then man who made millions yet couldn’t just rest on the success of the past, he had to become great at his new venture.

What great accomplishments are you resting on? Are you investing in yourself?

I was once that person, and maybe you are too. The one who hated to learn, I would do whatever I could to not read, to not study. No one likes school especially at a young age. As we grow older we mature, maybe it took me longer but in my late 20s I’m now obsessed over learning. (I still don’t know how) I want to be the best, I want to be like Tom. I can’t rest on any accomplishments in the past. But I know it’s not just me.

I hear it so often, “I want a raise, a promotion or a new job.” I will then ask what are you doing to get there? If you aren’t investing in yourself who is?

In the time we live there are no excuses. You could start today.

There are tons of great resources out there to learn anything. Use these to get started:

  • Kahn Academy (free)
  • Coursera (free, but have to purchase course books)
  • Lynda (monthly fee)
  • Youtube (free) Fun fact, this is how I learned to brew beer
  • iTunes U (free)

So what are you waiting for?

Are you living in the past or are you investing in yourself?

The choice is ultimately yours, why not invest in yourself!

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