How Much Would You Pay For Change?

How much would you pay for change?

You hear about it all over the news right now. Each of the presidential nominees promising change. It is a chosen strategy that works so well, if they can hone in on what it is that we, the American people, are yearning for. Taxes, rights, immigration, all hot topics that are worth arguing over. Then question then becomes which candidate can drive that change?

It seems most elections start this way, we the people are in search for change. Almost as easy as it is for us to forgot about what candidates promise as it is for us to want to never move to change our own situations. I can talk to a number of different people everyday and sometimes have the same response. “I want to retire, I want to make more money,” and the list goes on and on. But it is not until I provoke with a “what have you done to change that situation?” that I get the silence, or the “hope strategy.” (the hope strategy is, I hope it works out in the end)

A classic example of moving for change is the same reason you go pay the personal trainer at the gym when get home sore and tired. I can’t say I have ever paid for a personal trainer, my wife gives me more than enough motivation to stay in shape, but for those of you who have gone to a trainer you know you are making a choice to pay someone for something you can do on your own. Intuitively we all know this, yet we want change so badly, we need that push and motivation.

See, we are a just like those politicians. We each think we can change every aspect of our lives on our own. Yet, like those politicians, we forget our promises. Weeks, months go by and suddenly we are not accomplishing the things we set out to do. But it takes someone willing to make a change to seek it. Are you seeking change? And would you pay for that change?

I enjoy getting to share my knowledge in little bits to you my reader. Yet, it is nearly impossible to show you what I can help you accomplish. As a financial advisor, I strive to help people make financial changes in their lives yet I’m not allowed to have any recommendations good or bad about my service anywhere. I can’t show you my investment performance. I can’t even call you if you are on the Do Not Call list. This is one of the reasons the public has a negative view of the finance industry. It’s portrayed by the media as the Bernie Madoff’s of the world aka we are all money swindlers. So everyone has a different idea of what a Financial Planner does. Until you start to work with one, you don’t know what you are missing.

Financial change doesn’t come easy. Whether you have to give up something now for future benefit is one of the hardest concepts to develop. Financial planning is developing an ongoing plan to use money with a purpose to accomplish what you intended it for. This differs for each person.  How many times has there been a change in your life that wasn’t paid from a sacrifice in some way?

Why not give financial planning a chance?

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