From A Six Figure Salary To Minimum Wage: A Story Of Bad Planning

vacationSometimes the stories we hear can mean more than words we read from any text book. Such is the case for Tom Palome. A man who was an executive earning a six figure salary most of his lifetime and now has to work two minimum wage jobs due to inadequate savings. I define the unretired 77 year old as a failure to plan. He had a total of $90,000 saved for retirement. All I can think is, really? Of course, he can still enjoy life but how would you like to live to 77 and be flipping burgers instead of pursuing the dreams you have had your entire life?

To me it comes down to the most fundamental question of all. How much do you need in retirement to live the life you want to? As of 2011 the median retirement account had a value of $120,000. So tell me how that works for 30 years in retirement?

Maybe Tom Palome can help you get a better picture of what that looks like.

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