Chasing The Right Goals


I have never been a stellar writer by any means. In fact, I have shared before how I used to despise writing. But since I enjoy sharing my knowledge to empower those around me, I thought I should make it my goal to write more. With 2014 over, I have to say I’m extremely proud of myself. This is my 52nd post! Not to brag, but I did hit my goal for this year.

This is all well and good for me right? (Yes, there is a point to this selfish post.) After I reached this milestone for which I set, I started to think about how exciting it is to reach your goals … Hint, not very.

I know you have big ambitions for 2015, I do too. If you are like me, you enjoy the challenge and the excitement of what the change in your life might be or may look like. You look toward the future and think to yourself “I can’t wait until I _____.” It could literally be anything, write 52 posts. The weird part is that our brains are wired to enjoy the build up more than the actual thing we want. Instead of being content we continue to search for the next big thing.

Think about it…

Buying a new car. The process of searching for the type of car you want online. Then going to the car lots and looking for what you envisioned. You get into the car to test drive it and you can already picture yourself driving, maybe speeding by everyone, or in a luxurious car that everybody notices you in. You see yourself in that car and when the salesman gives you his best price and hands you the keys you are ecstatic.

See, it’s the build up to this moment that we get excited about, the picturing and imagining. Once we get what we want we will never experience the thrill or peak of the excitement for that object again.

Going back to the car, think about driving the car off the lot. You are excited, yes, but how quickly does that fade? You show it off to everyone for the first time, then after that, it’s just a car. How long does it take for you to become discontent and start searching for what’s next, 3 months maybe?

As we get ready to wind down 2014 and look ahead to 2015, there is ambition in the air. We step back and think to ourselves, how can my life be better? What do I want to change for 2015? There is definitely a place for that, granted, but are we just looking for a change for change sake or are just looking for that feeling? I was excited to write as much as I had set out to. I thought my life would be drastically different. Instead, it’s not. It has become my routine.

Are you chasing goals that lead to the fleeting feeling of discontentment? Sometimes when we get what we want we realize it wasn’t what we actually wanted.

I hope you have a Happy New Year and a great 2015!

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