Should I Leave My 401k With My Old Employer?

Long gone are the days of the 30 year company careers, gone with that are the large pensions that have so severely strapped our economy. The average worker according to the Bureau of labor statistics is just shy of 12 job changes throughout ages 18- 48![1] Instead we must rely on our own savings. Bring on the 401k!The 401k was never meant to … [Read more...]

Tis’ The Season To Give Charitable Gifts


Face it at the end of the year for some reason we all feel a little happier. Most likely it is all the food we eat, but somehow in December we start thinking of others. Maybe it's this holiday called Christmas ... either way, here are some ideas for charitable giving: Gift that high value stock "But Nick I could never gift that away" gifting … [Read more...]

Don’t Pay Down Your Debt Too Fast … Really!


Is all debt created equal? As I am in the thick of searching for a house in Orange County, CA one thing has occurred to me, owning a house means taking on a lot of debt. One of my favorite shows on HGTV attempts to change the way people live. It highlights younger age people buying tiny houses. Not sure what a tiny house is, watch the show here. … [Read more...]

The Easiest Way To Save Money When You Are A Spender


A couple of weeks ago I was out on the trail for a little jog. Being that I like to keep in shape and it was cooling down I thought it was a great time to go for my daily run. I was going up the normal trail like I always do, when I got to the bend in the trail as another runner was coming down a tiny hill. All of a sudden he stopped. Thinking it … [Read more...]

This is How You Build Your Net Worth


I usually see them a lot. Different ads among different websites, all asking the same question. Do you know how to become a millionaire or build your net worth? I realized, most if not all of these were scams. What we are shown to build our net worth is different than actually building it. Plan! Believe it or not building your net worth … [Read more...]