What That Life Insurance Agent Isn’t Telling You


There are many things we all hate paying for. Insurance is one of those things. What is worse is talking to the insurance agent who will try and sell you all kinds of things that may or may not fit into your financial plan. Since I used to work for a company whose main focus was life insurance, I quickly caught on to the ideas and themes that life … [Read more...]

How Much Are You Really Paid?


Do you truly understand how much your company is really paying you? There is more to a job than just pay but more importantly there is more to a job and that is finding a career. Money is great, benefits are wonderful, but how do you know if your compensation will be better than the new job you are contemplating, or thinking about going … [Read more...]

Here’s How To Save On Insurance


Have I mentioned I don't really like insurance, that is until I use it of course. I know I am not the only one. However there is one thing that we can all agree we like, and that is saving money on insurance. I find that the beginning of the year is a great time to do an inventory of your insurance, because there could be a lot that has changed … [Read more...]

The Real Reason You Aren’t Buying Life Insurance

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I stumbled across this great website Lifehappens.org. A great  non-profit website that is trying to educate everyone on the need for life insurance. Their poster child is ex-NFL star Boomer Esiason's and he has a very moving story. So what type of life insurance and how much do you actually need? I figured I would break this out into most of the … [Read more...]

Do I Have To Pay Taxes on Life Insurance Payouts


I am often asked this question, "do I have to pay taxes on life insurance payouts" and it often comes during a time when clients are in no position to receive the information. The answer of course is not simple, as it depends. Losing a loved one is hard and trying to get your finances in order can be harder. Understand before something happens that … [Read more...]