What To Do With Your Old 401(k)

What To Do With Your Old 401k

One of best ways to save for retirement is saving into your companies' 401k. This is great, until you leave that company, what happens to your money? Well, not to worry, fortunately it's still right where you left it. It's like finding that $20 in a pair of pants that you completely forgot about, although hopefully you have more than that in … [Read more...]

Are You Really Ready To Start Investing?

sandp500 chart

For me it started when I was a senior in high school. I was in an economics class learning about what a stock was. The goal was for everyone in the class to pick 10 stocks and see who had the best return. Naturally, I wanted to win. The problem was, I didn't know anything about stocks. So what I did instead was select stocks that I knew or liked … [Read more...]

Did Experts Predict Correctly? 2015 Edition


We all love making predictions. Maybe it's because they are tiny bets. Think about it for a second. You are watching Survivor and you try to predict the winner. You watch The Bachelor and try to predict the winner. Virtually any show you will try and predict what will happen. We also try and pick the next president, the winner of the football game, … [Read more...]

Does Investing Worry You?


On my way to a friends house this past weekend, I had chosen at my wife's discretion to take the back road. The back road being a 25 mile windy road through a short valley, with twists and turns that was going to get us to our destination in half the time. It's a road where it feels like the road is never going to end. In fact we were about 10 … [Read more...]