Are You Picking The Right Insurance?

Open Enrollment

It's that time of year again. You may have already selected or you may have not yet, but with open enrollment upon us it's time for a refresher in all things insurance: Health Insurance All about that deductible ... One of the best places to revisit when you are looking at your health insurance is your deductible. Your deductible remember, … [Read more...]

How Much Are You Really Paid?


Do you truly understand how much your company is really paying you? There is more to a job than just pay but more importantly there is more to a job and that is finding a career. Money is great, benefits are wonderful, but how do you know if your compensation will be better than the new job you are contemplating, or thinking about going … [Read more...]

How Do Your Benefits Stack Up?


Remember the last time you were hired for that job you applied for? What were your feelings? Excitement, happiness, then quickly nervousness. Receiving an offer for a new career opportunity can be an exciting event in your life. But, even if a prospective employer promises an attractive salary, other benefits can make a big difference in whether or … [Read more...]

Asking Why, Leads To Change


Why? A simple question that never gets asked enough. A question when asked, could lead to changes, small or big. I was hit by an extraordinary event this week. Earlier this week my wife called her health insurance company (through the exchange) to cancel her coverage. After about 20 minutes on the phone the representative … [Read more...]

Do You Want Tax-Free Money For Healthcare Cost?

Healthcare cost

We all have healthcare cost. We all hate paying taxes. Why wouldn't you use either an FSA or HSA plan? Let me first paint a picture. Which scenario would you like, it's completely up to you? Scenario 1 Bob is a hard-working family man and makes $100,000 through his employer. He doesn't use an FSA or HSA plan and instead pays for medical … [Read more...]