Should I Leave My 401k With My Old Employer?

Long gone are the days of the 30 year company careers, gone with that are the large pensions that have so severely strapped our economy. The average worker according to the Bureau of labor statistics is just shy of 12 job changes throughout ages 18- 48![1] Instead we must rely on our own savings. Bring on the 401k!The 401k was never meant to … [Read more...]

How Much Is Enough To Retire?

How much is enough to retire

It seems in recent years that people have become more obsessed with retiring early. Just type in “couple retired at 30” into Google and tons of results will show up for people actually writing about retiring around their 30s. I remember when I was younger and in school, I would think to myself, if I could retire and not work that would be a … [Read more...]

Are You Really Ready To Start Investing?

sandp500 chart

For me it started when I was a senior in high school. I was in an economics class learning about what a stock was. The goal was for everyone in the class to pick 10 stocks and see who had the best return. Naturally, I wanted to win. The problem was, I didn't know anything about stocks. So what I did instead was select stocks that I knew or liked … [Read more...]

You Should Work With A CFP® Professional

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The reason I got in this industry was to help people. I wanted to work with people on a personal level and help them obtain their financial goals. I had a lot of reservations mainly due to my age. I kept thinking that no one would listen to me, because I was so young and didn't have any experience, heck what did I know. So, for several reasons … [Read more...]