You Should Work With A CFP® Professional

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The reason I got in this industry was to help people. I wanted to work with people on a personal level and help them obtain their financial goals. I had a lot of reservations mainly due to my age. I kept thinking that no one would listen to me, because I was so young and didn't have any experience, heck what did I know. So, for several reasons … [Read more...]

Ten Simple Ways To Increase Your Wealth


What is likely the most popular question that I get comes down to this, How do I increase my wealth? Although, these ideas may not be the most original, they are simple enough to get you on the right track. 1. Increase your 401k contribution What is your total contribution right now? Do you know? If so, increase a percent or two and watch how … [Read more...]

Learn To Be Content


As I continue what seems like my series on feel good post, I was reminded of one notion, being content.  In America we live in the land of consumerism. With Apple Watches and the latest everything, the motto of our country should be, "to find and consume whatever brings us happiness, good or bad." The other day a client called me to update me on … [Read more...]

Would You Walk Away From Millions?


Do you believe there is more to life than money? A good reminder of this very question is to look to the NFL. It is currently free agency, a time were teams sign, or release players to their rosters, it is also a time when players retire from the game. It's been an interesting year so far, as 3 players under 30 years old have walked away from … [Read more...]

Chasing The Right Goals


I have never been a stellar writer by any means. In fact, I have shared before how I used to despise writing. But since I enjoy sharing my knowledge to empower those around me, I thought I should make it my goal to write more. With 2014 over, I have to say I'm extremely proud of myself. This is my 52nd post! Not to brag, but I did hit my goal for … [Read more...]