Don’t Pay Down Your Debt Too Fast … Really!


Is all debt created equal? As I am in the thick of searching for a house in Orange County, CA one thing has occurred to me, owning a house means taking on a lot of debt. One of my favorite shows on HGTV attempts to change the way people live. It highlights younger age people buying tiny houses. Not sure what a tiny house is, watch the show here. … [Read more...]

Don’t Be Financially Complacent


Growing up I played sports, specifically soccer. Most experiences in life I refer to what I learned practicing, preparing and ultimately playing the game I love. If it's one thing that constantly moves me forward it is this saying: Don't become complacent. In soccer this would usually be yelled out by your coach when you were winning the game … [Read more...]

Should You Save Or Pay Down Debt?


I consider this one of the age old questions. As young workers starting out we are faced with many different challenges. Faced with paying off credit card debts, saving for a house, retirement, a new car and the list goes on. This was from a question I received the other day. Should I pay off my student loans or save for … [Read more...]