Do You Spend The Average Amount On Essentials?


It can happen often. A couple who wants to retire yet they don't know how much they are truly spending each year on the essentials. Just like Llyod Christmas in Dumb and Dumber, we often get confused on what are the essentials. Without knowing how much you are spending it is hard, almost impossible to determine how much you will need to withdraw … [Read more...]

Live Worry Free, With An Emergency Fund


How do you plan for an emergency? How do you plan for unexpected expenses? You do understand these things will happen right? Everyday before you start saving you wonder, and hope that nothing goes wrong to your car, house, etc. It's a funny thing that happens once you start saving for an emergency fund, at least it did for me. All of sudden, … [Read more...]

A Great Budget Tool,


My goal with this website has always been to teach people how to simplify their finances. I have written a couple times about but never really in depth. If there is one thing I know everyone values it is time. That's why I value the time you take to read my articles and why I want to share with you a tool that helps me save a lot of … [Read more...]

5 Things You Never Learned In School


We've all had that thought. Stuck in a class thinking to yourself, "I am never going to use this information ever again." In fact I distinctly remember thinking this while I was in a geometry class. To me, I knew that engineering wasn't in my future, nor was calculus, or a variety of other subjects. If you know me, then you know I am an … [Read more...]

The Gift of Help

Merry Christmas

I trust you are in the spirit of giving, I know I am. I decided it was time to reward all my faithful readers with a surprise gift I have been working on. I hope you find it as useful as I have in getting your personal finances in order. I have for you a budget spreadsheet! Not signed up on email list? Sign up here and get your Budget … [Read more...]