What To Do With Your Old 401(k)

What To Do With Your Old 401k

One of best ways to save for retirement is saving into your companies' 401k. This is great, until you leave that company, what happens to your money? Well, not to worry, fortunately it's still right where you left it. It's like finding that $20 in a pair of pants that you completely forgot about, although hopefully you have more than that in … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Save For Everything You Want

everything you want

Throughout all stages of life, we are caught between conflicting goals. We are twisted and pulled in different directions that we begin to forget what is we are truly after. Nothing is more clear to me than working with clients who are trying to figure out what it is they want ... The result is very clear and easy to see when their financial … [Read more...]

5 Steps on How Simplify Your Financial Life

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You hear it all the time. I can't believe she is 1 years old. I can't believe it's already April. I can't believe it's already 2016. Face it, time moves really fast and as we age our lives become more complicated. In fact as we get older it only gets more so. There is something to be said about having a simple life. When you think about a simple … [Read more...]

Are You Really Ready To Start Investing?

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For me it started when I was a senior in high school. I was in an economics class learning about what a stock was. The goal was for everyone in the class to pick 10 stocks and see who had the best return. Naturally, I wanted to win. The problem was, I didn't know anything about stocks. So what I did instead was select stocks that I knew or liked … [Read more...]

Save on Taxes Using an IRA or Roth IRA

Ira vs Roth Ira

After recently purchasing our house, a fixer upper, I know now the struggle… the struggle to want everything done and finished. No more projects no more planning on projects for the house. I know this isn’t realistic, as that day is a long way off. It will be some time before our fixer upper is in a good spot, at least what my wife and I consider a … [Read more...]