When To Get Financial Help?


The question reminds me of one of my good friends. He loves history. So much so, that whenever he goes to visit any historical sites or museums he has to look up all the information about them.

He can’t wait to get the background information until he gets there or until after he visits, because that just doesn’t give him the full experience of what he is seeing. If he waits until after he sees all the battlefields or Museums, there wouldn’t be a big impact. But it doesn’t just come down to impact, he wouldn’t enjoy it as much without understanding the meaning of those historic sites. In essence by not getting the information beforehand his experience would be lame. Sure, he would still get to enjoy the sites, but he wouldn’t really know what he is missing until someone told him, or he read up about them.

As you can imagine whenever I hear that people are going to wait until they have money or until a specific period of their life is in order to get financial help, it makes me cringe. I think to my friend’s historical experiences. How do you accomplish your financial goals without getting help in the first place? Without getting the knowledge or understanding of what is possible, you will just end up a accepting what you are given.

I get the feeling that most of us believe in the “standard.” I know I did. The standard set from society saying that you have to earn or have certain things before you can get help. Why not just fake it until you make it? I remember that I had some vision, some thought that a certain level of success came before I got financial help.

Hopefully you will realize, that in order to get where you want to go, you need to find someone to take you there.

Don’t wait until you are already a millionaire because you may never become one. Who ever heard of a professional athlete not getting any help until they became a professional athlete? It’s a total misconception.

It doesn’t just relate to finances. Think about the next time you want to be better at something.

You will be suffering to get where you want to be, instead of taking it all in and enjoying the view.

We could all use help in something, couldn’t you?


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