3 Reasons Why I’m An Insurance Agent Who Dislikes Insurance Agents

I’ve heard the pitch a hundred times and seen firsthand why we can get a bad name. “I can provide the best service along with competitive prices. Not only will I always be there for you but you can count on me, here’s my cell number. It’s guaranteed, or this is the best price around.” These lame attempts share these three things in common:

1. Pushy – Agents constantly press you to buy something you still don’t completely understand. Most agents aren’t independent and can only offer products from their provider. For example, think about if you only went to Verizon to look at your options for a new cell phone contract. Would you look into At&t or Sprint to see your options, compare coverage and price? Or would you just make a blind decision without shopping around and go with Verizon?

What to do: Ask your agent what other options are available. If he continues to pitch one or the same product then find someone else.

2. Ignorant – As an insurance agent I see other agents selling products that make no sense. They are ignorant to the fact that the products they are encouraged to sell (from top management) are not what is best for you, the client. As consumers don’t know any better and are forced to blindly trust the agent is using his/her judgment to recommend a good product it can leave them in a bad position.

What to do: Ask the agent why he is recommending this product. If it sounds confusing find someone else, period. If it sounds too good to be true find someone else. A good insurance agent should be able to explain things in terms you understand.

3. Talkers – My biggest pet peeve are agents who don’t listen to you. They don’t address your concerns or questions. They are really just about the sale and continue to talk over you or never ask if you understand what they are recommending. Once the sale is closed they completely leave you hanging. It’s more about them showing how smart they are rather than listening to your needs or concerns.

What to do: Definitely find someone else. No need to ask anymore questions, if your agent talks over you he will never truly listen to you. You can tell a talker by an agent who doesn’t ask more than 1 follow up question after you are voicing your concerns. (It takes more than 1 question to be active listening)

So remember, insurance can be shopped around and if your agent is any of the above then it’s time to find a replacement.

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